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About SolarBOS

Proud to be serving the solar industry since 2004.

SolarBOS has supported nearly 8,500 MW of solar projects in North America. That's over 80,000 combiners and 15 million feet of wire. Our deep understanding of solar electric systems and high-voltage DC applications coupled with our flexible manufacturing gives our customers the tools to succeed in the ever-changing renewable energy industry.

With more than 65,000 square feet of combined manufacturing space in Livermore, CA, and Grand Rapids, MI, we can provide quick turn-around on orders and reduce logistics costs by shipping directly to the jobsite. We believe this is what has made us one of the top electrical BOS suppliers in North America, where approximately 25% of all solar electricity flows through a SolarBOS product.


SolarBOS was the first to pioneer several important BOS solutions for our customers, including the first integrated disconnect switches, the first rapid shutdown combiners, the first GFI solution for recombiners, and the first working AFCI solution at the combiner level. These innovations are now standard features of most if not all solar projects.


SolarBOS takes our customers and their projects very seriously. We continually strive to meet the highest standards of quality, on-time delivery, and cost effectiveness - all the things our customers need to make their projects successful.


We pride ourselves on reliability. On-time shipments, product built to specification, and a total quality system where all electrical connections are triple-checked in our facilities. As a result of these constant efforts, SolarBOS has successfully supported over 8,500 MW of solar projects - that's almost 25% of all the solar installed in North America.


We do this not only to keep good manufacturing jobs stateside, but also to help our customers meet tight deadlines, get the product built right and save money on shipping costs. We can do all this by keeping the manufacturing in the USA.

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